Sanofi Pasteur uses HakoBio, the Digital Twins platform developed by OUAT!

Sanofi Pasteur has used digital twin technologies and Virtual Reality through HakoBio to design their new Evolutive Vaccine Facility. HakoBio online platform is developed by our customer OUAT!

The reasons why Sanofi Pasteur has accelerated the design of its Evolutive Vaccine Facility using digital twins are:

  • Sanofi Pasteur used digital twin technologies through HakoBio to model its new facility and democratize its concept design to internal stakeholders;
  • The creation of the concept and process configurations in 3D was achieved in one month, accelerating the conceptual design phase;
  • The technology allowed Sanofi Pasteur’s teams to better visualize the facility layout, reduce design risks and evaluate the feasibility of the process within the space.




Check out the full article to find out how Sanofi Pasteur integrated Digital Twin technologies into their design process and how they plan to leverage the innovation across the facility lifecycle.

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