Guidelines to make a 3-Minute Elevator Pitch


Your Pitch has to be made up of three parts: opening, development, closing. The opening and the closing are strong and impactful, the development is clear and brief.


Start with an engaging phrase to grab the attention of the attendants and introduce yourself briefly.

In this first part, introduce the problem you have identified and the solution you propose. Both will be explained more in detail in the second part.


This part is the most extensive one and within you have the opportunity to explain more deeply your proposal.

To help the listener understand your solution, start by explaining the target market to which your proposal is aimed. Continue by technically explaining your product, while making sure that it remains understandable by everyone who’s not an expert in your area.

Now it’s time to talk about your competitive advantage, answering the question “what differentiates you from competitors”? You can speak about your competitors, without criticizing, by highlighting your strengths. You can then include your business model.

To conclude the development part, we suggest you to introduce your team and comment on some achievements. Your speech must be realistic, so showing some evidence could be a positive point.


What do you expect from potential investors? Ask for what interests you most: funds, partners, qualified people for your team…

To finish in a appealing way, you can use a sentence, a question, a slogan of your enterprise… The goal is to make the audience want to know more about your project, and create an opportunity of explaining your project to them at greater length.



Start by searching and gathering the information you need. Then, organize it according to the agenda of the presentation. When you have everything written down, try to rewrite it by synthesizing it.

Once you have the draft of your presentation, share it with your team. Receiving their feedback can give you other perspectives and the possibility of editing it.

Last but not least, practice your oral presentation. Make your speech as if you were telling a story. By doing this you will make it more attractive and compelling for your audience.

Be aware that you only have three minutes to do it. Therefore, it is important to properly choose the information you are going to give and show it on 6 slides PechaKucha format.

Finally, keep in mind that the speech must be clear, concise, convincing and realistic. Be confident of yourself and… Let’s do it!