Do you have the idea but you do not feel yourself entrepreneur yet?

beLean_business-creation-3 ’Business Creation’ is a 6 to 12 months program that aims to encourage and support entrepreneurs to discuss their ideas, prepare their path and build sustainable solutions.

Our experts and suppliers are mobilised to advice the participants from their first business plan to the international expansion of their firm.

During the first phase, the participants will learn to sharpen their ideas, write strong and relevant business plans and prepare their administration accordingly. During the second phase, they will widen their ambition and start thinking about growth, optimisation, expansion and investments.

logo_cheque_entreprisesWe are certified by Walloon Region for Business Creation, so our clients can benefit from financial assistance up to 80%. Check here if you are eligible.

Typical Roadmap for Business Creation:

  1. Market Identification
  2. Technical & IP Review
  3. Go/No-Go Decision
  4. Work Environment Co-creation
  5. Business Plan
  6. FFF & Subsidies