PDC*line Pharma on BMF Business

Eric Halioua, President & CEO of PDC*line Pharma, was invited on BMF Business to speak about the new class of immunotherapies active against cancer which his team is developing. Watch the replay here: Contact us to get more information: Source: https://bfmbusiness.bfmtv.com/mediaplayer/video/eric-halioua-pdcline-pharma-pdcline-pharma-developpe-une-nouvelle-classe-d-immunotherapies-actives-contre-les-cancers-0205-1244108.html  


PDC*line Pharma’s recent fund raising is described in the latest issue of Biotech Finances

Check the latest issue of Biotech Finances to read an interview of PDC*line Pharma’s President & CEO Eric Halioua describing the recent fund raising completed and the perspectives of the company.   Read the full article: https://www.biotech-finances.com/126504-2/ Contact us to get more information: