Conscious Motions is bringing Corporate Wellness to your Workplace!

Have you ever thought about the well-being of your employees?

At this is a crucial aspect and it is now more than ever important to invest in the well-being and health of our team.

This is why we have chosen to work with Conscious Motions, a young start-up whose focus is to help companies implement Corporate Wellness Days to improve health, well-being and quality of life at work. They offer simple, effective and human solutions that promote employee happiness and productivity.

Why is this important?

Implementing Corporate Wellness Days in the company allows the employees to:

  • improve well-being
  • stress management
  • connect and enjoy a team-building
  • reduce absence due to sickness
  • improve sleep

But what would be the purpose for the company? 

Yes, it’s a little less working hours, but in the long run, the results are really worth it!

  • strengthening team cohesion 
  • increase in productivity
  • motivation and recognition
  • increased dynamism and happiness
  • increased efficiency and performance

and that, as a CEO, is priceless! 

Let Conscious Motions help you implement your next onsite Corporate Wellness Days in order to improve your employees mood, well-being and performances like they did for us.



Want to find out more about Conscious Motions and how they can also help you and your team’s well-being? Don’t hesitate to contact Benjamin Hébert at or by booking a meeting in his personal calendar.